Supernormal Festival 2015

At the end of an anticlimactic finish to year one at GSA, I received an exciting email with an opportunity to participate in an experimental arts festival in Oxfordshire.  Matilda Strang, one of the art directors connected with Brazier’s Park, made a special trip to Glasgow with the intention to invite several artists from our program, to contribute to their sixth annual Supernormal Festival.  

As part of the history and ethos of this arts community, the team created what they titled the ‘plinth project’.  This simple, yet challenging initiative was shaped as a way for artists to decontextualize the use of the plinth, taking it out of its conventional gallery setting and transferring it into an integrative outdoor environment. 

Once installed, the artwork remained vulnerable to the landscape and the interaction with guests attending the festival.  This experience invariably pushed unforeseen boundaries and ultimately forced many of the artists to relinquish control of their work.  

While simultaneously inciting a demanding yet thought-provoking response, the experience evoked a true test in ‘letting go’.  Clearly we remained authors of the work, but no longer guardians of its outcome; a genuinely positive reminder of what art can do.

Included are images of the six artists that took part in the project, each of which are listed below:

Katie Schwab, Samuel Cook, Ui Sung Lee, Judith Leupi, Rodrigo Sandoval, and Jamie Russom.

For more information on Brazier’s Park and the Supernormal Festival, please check out their website at the following link…